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Cognitive Communication Training
Discover, develop and style your communication.

Discover and develop your confident communication style. Our Speech-Language Pathologist and Linguist, Daniel, works with adults on cognitive communication training and executive function training. 

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Cognitive Communication Training, sometimes known as Executive Function Training, supports individuals who are experiencing a mild disruption of cognitive skills such as memory, attention, organization, perspective taking, problem-solving and reasoning.

These challenges may be related to an acquired or neurodegenerative communication disorder, such as brain injury or aphasia, but may also be present in disorders affecting executive functioning, such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  

Mild cognitive challenges present a barrier for individuals who are striving to achieve their professional and social goals.

Through detailed assessment and individually tailored treatment, we will support you in managing and overcoming these barriers to improve confidence and achieve success.

Our speech-language pathologist, Daniel, is experienced in supporting with adults to improve their cognitive communication. 

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