The Voice Lab

by SpeechAppeal

Gender Affirming Voice Training may be right for you if you looking to explore, develop, or refine a more affirming and congruent feeling and sounding voice. Voice Feminization, Neutralization, Masculinization, and anything in between is on the table! There are no pre-requisites required to begin.

Back by popular demand, don't forget to visit our post, 
"Frequently Asked Questions about Gender Affirming Voice with Alyssa". 

Alyssa offers free consultations for Gender Affirming Voice Training. Email Alyssa with your preferred days and times or for more information.

Voice Therapy may be right for you if you have been diagnosed with or suspect a voice injury or disorder (vocal nodules, polyps, muscle tension dysphonia, puberphonia) or have been experiencing changes in your voice, such as fatigue and reduced stamina, tension, discomfort, rough quality, difficulty projecting and being heard, or reduced range.

Voice therapy may also be right for you if you are a professional voice user (singer, teacher, lawyer, parent, fitness instructor, parent) and want to prevent voice injuries from occurring. 

Voice Training may be right for you if you want to develop and refine a more powerful, reliable and expressive voice, or if you'd like to feel more comfortable presenting, interviewing, and speaking in a wide variety of contexts. Learn to love your voice

As a clinically-trained Singing Voice Specialist and singer, Alyssa helps singers, along with their singing teachers and coaches and ENTs, to rehabilitate or prevent voice injuries specific to their singing voice.