Speech Services

Our clinicians have experience specific to ADULTS who stutter. We individualize each program and integrate evidence-based fluency techniques with related areas, such as confident voice production, breath stream management, reduction of communication anxiety, and professional presentation and social skills. 

Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects speech-motor coordination and results in a disruption of forward flowing speech. Each person who stutters is likely to experience the characteristics of stuttering differently. In our work with adults and teenagers, we address three major stuttering areas: core behaviours, secondary behaviours, and negative feelings and beliefs about stuttering. 

 An accent is not a disorder, but support in English Accent Training may be appropriate for those who speak English as an additional language and feel effective communication in English is a barrier for them.  

Whether your goal is simply to be better understood, to fine-tune your pronunciation, or simply to speak English with greater confidence, our Speech-Language Pathologists will work with you to assess your speech, determine realistic short-term goals, implement regular practice, and track your progress over time. 
We'll work together to prioritize the targets that will lead to the most impact, and we'll practice in a way that works with your learning and life style.


Professional Communication Training helps discover and build consistency in presenting with your confident, professional style. Together, we will target and reduce barriers to effective and impactful communication in presentations, interviews, or challenging conversations. This introductory program supports you in maximizing your communication potential and discovering charismatic and assertive style. While each program is unique, common topic exploration includes thought-provoking reflection and self-analysis, practicing for presentations and interviews, and exploring voice training techniques such as using projected voice, exploring an engaging sound, and reducing less effective strategies such as pervasive filler words or uptalk.