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Speech Appeal, Adult Speech Therapy, Adult Voice Therapy, Toronto, Confident Communication

Find your SpeechAppeal.
Discover, develop and style your communication.

Whether you're looking to train and style new skills to discover your potential
or rehabilitate communication skills back to optimal efficiency, we're here to support your goals.

As one of Toronto's leading adult-specific online Speech-Language Pathology clinics,  our registered Speech-Language Pathologists support adults Ontario-wide in developing confident communication. 

Our Speech-Language Pathology Services

As an adult who stutters, learn to manage stuttering in a holistic way and gain confidence in approaching real-life situations with easy-flowing speech while developing skills to navigate repetitions and blocks with greater ease.

Professional Communication Training may be right for you if you are looking for support in developing an engaging and impactful professional communication style for the workplace, interviews and presentations. 

This service may be right for you if English is an additional language and you are looking to be more easily understood or improve your confidence in English sound production and communication. 

This service may be right for you if you are an adult who is looking to remediate speech sound production. Targets most commonly include Lisp and R-sound remediation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

SpeechAppeal is an Ontario-Based, Adult-Specific Online Clinic

To be eligible for services, you must be age 18+  and an Ontario resident.
As all sessions are online, you must have access to a device and wi-fi connection to attend the appointments. 
Please also bring your smartphone to each online appointment.

Insurance Coverag
As your clinician is a Registered Speech-Language Pathologist, your time together may be eligible for private insurance reimbursement. We do not offer direct billing.  Please check with your insurance provider or booklet if you have questions regarding your coverage eligibility and requirements as this information is not available to us. 

The respective rates per service and clinician can be found on the online booking calendar. All rates are set in accordance with CASLPO (College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario) and SAC (Speech-Language & Audiology Canada) guidelines and recommendations. 

Online Sessions 
All of our sessions take place online on our secure electronic medical record system video platform. Having offered Online Telehealth since 2017, we are comfortable and confident in providing effective services online. Not only are online services easily accessible from the comfort of your home or workspace, but we tend to observe faster carry-over and application of goals with online sessions. All that's needed to participate is wi-fi and your device (laptop, desktop, tablet) in addition to your smartphone.







Alyssa McCarthy (she/her)
BA Mus., MSc SLP,  SLP(C), Reg. CASLPO

Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Therapist
Gender Affirming Voice Coach
& Clinic Director


Daniel Boyle (he/him)
BA(hons)Ling., MHSc. SLP, Reg. CASLPO

Speech-Language Pathologist
& Linguist 


Scott Tobin (he/they)

Speech-Language Pathologist (ENG)
Orthophoniste (FR)

& SVI-Trained Vocologist


Our Speech-Language Pathologists

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