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Accent Modification Training

Our Speech-Language Pathologists offer support for English Additional Language users who want to feel more confident in their English communication, or who feel that communicating in English is a barrier to achieving their professional or social goals

Is Accent Modification Training For Me?

This type of support may be appropriate for some advanced English Additional Language users. The reason for seeking support with Accent Modification Training or additional support with English accent and communication often varies.

Some individuals seek to be more easily understood, while others want to improve their self-confidence with English communication in the workplace or in professional contexts, such as with phone calls or presentations. 
The goal of our work is never to eliminate an accent. Together, we can reduce communication barriers, improve overall comprehensibility, and develop more effective English communication strategies.

How Can a Speech-Language Pathologist Help?

As Speech-Language Pathologists, we have deep knowledge in key areas relating to speech production, phonetics, language structure, and language acquisition.

We will begin by examining your current speech patterns while considering your overall English language proficiency for your needs and/or goals. We'll observe:


  • Pronunciation of individual speech sounds (consonants and vowels)

  • Advanced speech characteristics in conversational speech, such as linking, stress and reduction

  • Rate or pacing and rhythm of speech 

  • Melodic features, such as intonation and inflection  

  • Clarity overall and across word boundaries

  • Grammar and syntax

  • Vocabulary 

Depending on your goals, we may also examine broader communication characteristics, such as:

  • Non-verbal communication (body language)

  • Assertive communication strategies

  • Voice projection and ability to be heard easily 

Or more advanced communication concepts, such as those relating to reducing communication anxiety or apprehension, enhancing workplace communication, and using confident voice.

We'll work together to prioritize the targets that will lead to the most impact, and we'll practice in a way that works with your learning and life style. Focused practice may include preparation for the following:

  • Presentations

  • Interviews

  • Phone Calls

  • Meetings

  • Assertive Communication 

  • Navigating Conflict 

How Long Will It Take?

As a multilingual speaker, you well know that changing speech patterns takes time. The time for each program varies drastically from one person to another, and often depends on many factors such as initial skill and proficiency, time resources for regular practice, practice opportunities, and more. 

Following your intake and assessment session, your clinician will have a better sense of estimating a time commitment as per your short-term and long-term speech and communication goals. 

While we recommmend booking multiple sessions in advance for scheduling purposes, there is no need to pay in advance for sessions, and appointments can be changed with more than 24 hours notice. You can chat with your clinician about taking it one session,  or one block of sessions at a time. 

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