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Voice Training

If you're looking to train, optimize, or enhance your voice to a new ideal, our experienced voice-focused speech-language pathologists are here to help!

Perhaps you're finding your voice doesn't command attention and authority, or convey warmth and empathy. You may be finding that after a meeting or a call, your voice tires quickly and the sound quality is reduced. You might be looking to style a more professional-sounding voice, one that doesn't use a question-like inflection at the ends of sentences or one that isn't laden with heavy vocal fry and crackling.  

Professional voice users in particular (such as teachers, singers, lawyers, athletic and fitness trainers and coaches, podcasters and streamers, and even parents) rely heavily on their voices. With such intense voice demands, their voice may give out more often.

Whether you're a professional voice user or you're simply hoping to develop more confidence in using your voice, Voice Training may be for you. 

Common goals for Voice Training include:

  • Developing vocal impact and engagement (voice sounds dull or passive)

  • Improving your voice projection (you are finding it difficult to project or be heard)

  • Accessing a richer, clearer or fuller vocal tone

  • Improving your vocal consistency (reducing voice cracks or breaks)

  • Improving your vocal stamina (voice gets tired quickly after speaking)

  • Learning to care for your voice and preventing vocal injury

  • Developing a more professional-sounding voice (reducing less efficient vocal patterns like pervasive vocal fry and up-speak)

  • Onboarding tools to access a more confident-sounding voice in stressful situations

Voice FAQ's 

Do I need a referral?

No, you can simply book yourself in. Your Speech-Language Pathologist will help determine if Voice Training is appropriate for you.

Is this covered by insurance?

As all of our clinicians at SpeechAppeal are registered Speech-Language Pathologists, services you receive are eligible for third-party or private insurance coverage. Please check with your provider on budgets and requirements as this information is not available to us. 

How long will it take?

The duration of these highly individualized programs range vastly and depend on many factors, including your personal goals! In many cases, we recommend starting with an initial foundation trial of 4 weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and continuing as needed. 

Will I be assigned exercises?

Yes! Exercises will be selected for you based on your goals and assigned to you in sessions. Exercises may be targets toward styling voice (such as pitch, resonance, inflection patterns), enhancing vocal flexibility, stamina and health, coordinating voice-breath and planning for practice and carry-over (such as giving mock presentations or interviews). 

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