Not all speech-language pathologists are trained to work in the voice area. We understand the effect and importance a healthy, confident, and authentic voice! 
Voice Training
  • You want to learn to love your voice
  • You are a professional voice user or someone who uses their voice extensively for work (e.g. performer, teacher, lawyer, executive, manager, telecommunication worker, sales person, fitness instructor, etc.) 
  • You want to develop a confident and clear voice for the special upcoming speech, presentation or interview 
  • You want to explore your voice in a healthy way with guidance and support from an experienced and registered healthcare provider
  • You are experiencing difficulty projecting the voice or being heard in noisy environments
  • You want to modify the tone, pitch or quality of your speaking voice
  • You are a singer and are looking to incorporate guidance from a singing voice specialist on your voice team
  • You are interested in advanced diction and vocal tract exploration
Voice Therapy
  • You are looking to rehabilitate a suspected or already diagnosed voice disorder (e.g. Muscle Tension Dysphonia, Vocal Nodules, Cysts and Polyps)
  • You are experiencing a change in voice quality, reliability, consistency, flexibility, or stamina
  • You want to release vocal tension and discomfort
  • You have been recommended for or are interested in laryngeal massage or myofascial release for the voice 
  • You are a professional voice user or someone who uses their voice extensively for work (e.g. performer, teacher, lawyer, executive, manager, telecommunication worker, sales person, fitness instructor, etc.) and would like to prevent possible voice issues from occurring ("Voice Prehabilitation")



I will discover a healthy, confident, powerful and engaging voice

I will develop my very own "voice brand" that is authentic to me

I will improve the clarity, consistency, and tone of my voice


I will increase the stamina, flexibility, and control of my speaking and/or singing voice

I will reduce vocal discomfort and fatigue 


I will rehabilitate and prevent a voice disorder 

I will find ease and balance in speaking and/or singing voice


I will better understand and manage variables that impact my desired voice, including stress and anxiety

FAQ: Do I need a referral?
You do not need a referral to see our speech-language pathologists and voice therapists, however, we may recommend or refer you to an ENT (otolaryngologist), allied healthcare professional (physiotherapist, massage therapist, psychologist) or vocal coach for best support. 
A note from Alyssa on having Compassion for the Voice:
Voice is so much a part of who we are and it can be unbelievably frustrating when it's not working the way we want it to. It can be challenging to have compassion for the voice especially when facing or approaching vocal injury. But, consider the following: 
 The vocal folds (also known as vocal cords) are responsible for much more than speaking and singing. These tiny, delicate folds of tissue inside the larynx or voice box, which rests on top of the trachea (or windpipe). Powered by air from the lungs, the vocal folds vibrate together hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of times per second to produce sound, which we then shape into speech or song.
Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the voice and voice subsystems allows us to appreciate the ways in which the voice cares for us.The voice plays an important role in both breathing and airway protection. The vocal folds open during respiration to allow air to flow into the lungs and close tightly to protect the airway from entry of unwanted materials into the lungs. This, in part, is why threats to the airway can so often lead to a change in voice. 
Yes, it is important to survive and thrive in your presentations, concerts, lectures, meetings, interviews, and social gatherings, but we're talking about breathing and airway!  But recognize that, while you've tried everything under the sun to regain the qualities you want from voice, the voice is doing an important job. Your voice is helping to keep you alive. 


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