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Voice Therapy & Professional Voice Training

Whether you're looking to recover and rehabilitate your voice back to its healthy and efficient state, or you're looking to train and enhance your voice to a new ideal, our experienced voice clinicians are here to help!

Professional Voice Training 

Develop vocal impact and engagement (voice sounds dull or passive)

Improve your voice projection (you are finding it difficult to project or be heard)

Access a rich, clear and full vocal tone (voice sounds hoarse, rough or unpleasant)

Improve your vocal consistency (voice cracks or breaks at times)

Improve your vocal stamina (voice gets tired quickly after speaking)

You rely on your voice for your profession (teacher, singer, lawyer, salesperson, fitness coach, executive, streamer, podcaster, parent) and want to prevent vocal injury

You want to develop and practice a more professional sounding voice, such as appropriate speed and inflection, in preparation for upcoming engagements, such as interviews and presentations

You want to reduce less efficient vocal and speaking patterns, such as vocal fry, up-speak (ending phrases with a question-like inflection), or speaking at a pace that is too fast

You want to discover a voice that feels and sounds comfortable and confident


Voice Therapy

You suspect or have been diagnosed by an otolaryngologist (ENT) with a voice injury, such as Vocal Nodules, Vocal Polyp, Muscle Tension Dysphonia, or Puberphonia

You are preparing for and/or recovering from Voice Surgery 

The voice has become worse in quality, reliability, consistency, flexibility, or stamina

The voice sounds hoarse at times or has a rough quality

The voice cracks or breaks 

You have lost access to your speaking and/or singing range, power and/or flexibility

The voice gets tired quickly

You are finding it difficult to project or be heard  

You experience pain in the neck or throat after a period of speaking

You have experienced a voice injury in the past and want to prevent one from re-occuring

You are a Singer and are interested in having a Voice Therapist and Singing Voice Specialist on your team to help navigate tension, breaks, inconsistencies, or fatigue

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