As speech-language pathologists who work extensively in voice therapy and training, we understand the effect and importance a healthy, confident, and authentic voice! 


Voice Therapy and Training may be for you if:

  • You are someone who relies on your voice for work (e.g. performer, teacher, lawyer, executive, manager, telecommunication worker, sales, fitness instructor, etc.)

  • You are experiencing a change in voice quality or reliability

  • You want to release vocal tension and discomfort

  • You are looking to rehabilitate a diagnosed or suspected voice disorder

  • You want to develop a confident and clear voice for the special upcoming speech, presentation or interview 

  • You want to explore your voice with guidance from a registered healthcare provider

  • You want to learn to love your voice

We offer a variety of advanced voice-related services,

including Laryngeal Massage and Manipulation and Singing Voice Rehabilitation

with our Voice Therapist, Alyssa

and Diction and Vocal Tract Features 

with our Linguist, Daniel

Our clinicians have unique clinical experience in supporting performers and working in collaboration with other members of your voice team (e.g. ENT, voice teacher, coach).



I will discover a healthy, confident, powerful and engaging voice

I will develop my very own "voice brand" that is authentic to me

I will improve the clarity, consistency, and tone of my voice


I will increase the stamina, flexibility, and control of my speaking and/or singing voice

I will reduce vocal discomfort and fatigue 


I will rehabilitate and prevent a voice disorder 

I will find ease and balance in speaking and/or singing voice


I will better understand and manage variables that impact my desired voice, including stress and anxiety

FAQ: What's the difference between voice therapy and voice training?

While voice training and voice therapy require a similar skill set, the overall approach varies.


With VOICE THERAPY, we provide intervention for a change in the voice that is related to an underlying voice disorder. The voice disorder has caused the voice to become different from normal. Depending on the diagnosis and your own learning style, the voice therapist will work with you to apply a variety of techniques that will rehabilitate the voice back to normal, and even beyond to a state of optimal vocal health

Our voice therapist is experienced in assessing and treating many common and complex voice disorders, some of which include:

  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia

  • Vocal Polyps

  • Vocal Nodules

  • Psychogenic Aphonia

While VOICE TRAINING will certainly focus on preventing voice disorders and establishing optimal vocal health, the goal to train a normal health to best voice, or in other words, a voice that you feel satisfied and congruent with and that suits the needs for your activities and lifestyle. 

FAQ: Do I need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see our speech-language pathologists and voice therapists, however, if we suspect an underlying voice disorder, we may refer you to an ENT (otolaryngologist) for examination, or allied healthcare professionals for best support. 

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