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SpeechAppeal Clinicians 

At SpeechAppeal, we empower our clinicians to work in their areas of expertise and passion, leaving our clients feeling confident about their care. Our clinicians are Speech-Language Pathologists and are registered to work throughout the province of Ontario. We are Toronto's leading adult-focused online clinic and we thank you for continued support in making us the Toronto Star's Best Speech Therapists for several years in a row! 



Originally an East Coaster, Alyssa can be found near the water, and calls both Toronto and Halifax home. Alyssa's love for science, artistry and coaching has shaped her approach in discovering, defining and enhancing voice and communication. She understands how communication distress can impact one's identity and confidence, and she enjoys finding creative ways to achieve personalized and meaningful outcomes for her clients.


After years of singing and teaching singing voice lessons, Alyssa discovered her passion for Voice Therapy through Speech-Language Pathology a decade ago when a rare autoimmune-related vocal injury impacted her ability to continue performing. After rehabilitating her voice through Voice Therapy, she has since completed many years of extensive voice-specific clinical training in Halifax and Toronto. With dual clinical training as a Voice Therapist and Singing Voice Specialist, Alyssa spent several years assisting with ENT stroboscopic voice evaluation for professional voice users and has further refined her diagnostic ears by allowing her to closely associate the sound of voice with the physiological patterns and functioning. 


Alyssa prioritizes identity, physical ease, and confidence as pillars of communication. She is especially passionate about working with Gender Affirming and Transgender Voice Training and Voice Therapy.

Alyssa McCarthy (she/her)
BA Mus., MSc SLP,  SLP(C), Reg. CASLPO

Clinical Director
Speech-Language Pathologist,
Voice Therapist
Gender Affirming Voice Coach



Daniel is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO), a Linguist, and is also an avid singer. 

Daniel combines his knowledge in Speech, Linguistics, Voice and Cognition to support adults in Professional Communication Training, English Accent Training and Adult Lisp Reduction. Having worked clinically in Toronto hospitals with Adult Cognitive Rehabilitation has furthered Daniel's expertise with targeting efficient Adult communication strategies.

Daniel seeks new and innovative ways to integrate his interests in language, music, voice and psychology into therapeutic practice to help his clients achieve success and independence. Daniel is especially passionate about Adult speech (English Accent Training and Adult Lisp Remediation and Articulation Therapy) and Professional Communication and Voice Training. 

Daniel prioritizes finding a great fit, and as such, is pleased to offer a Free Online Meet-and-Greet.

Daniel Boyle (he/him)
BA(hons)Ling., MHSc. SLP, Reg. CASLPO

Speech-Language Pathologist
Linguist & Singer

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