Speech-Language Pathologist, Voice Therapist

BA Mus., MSc SLP, SLP (C), Reg. CASLPO

Alyssa McCarthy | Speech-Language Pathologist | Voice Therapist | Singing Voice Specialist | Voice Expert Toronto | Transgender Voice Therapy

Alyssa is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Voice Therapist, and is a clinically trained Singing Voice  Specialist. She is registered nationally with Speech-Language Audiology Canada (SAC) and provincially with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO). Originally an East Coaster, Alyssa obtained her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Dalhousie University following her Bachelor of Arts in Music (Voice Performance).

Alyssa enjoys discovering how best to connect with and support folks on their journey to developing and finessing confident communication. Drawing from her diverse interests and training in music, science, and psychology, her approach explores the art and science of communication. She is passionate about finding creative ways to achieve meaningful outcomes and is committed to individualizing each session based on her clients' strengths and needs. Alyssa is especially pleased to be able to work heavily in the voice areas, and particularly enjoys supporting folks on their Gender Voice Alignment Training journey.

Dual training as a Voice Therapist and Singing Voice Specialist has informed a unique perspective for therapy and training. Her background in music performance and voice pedagogy, combined with clinical training as a Speech-Language Pathologist, inspires an approach that combines the art and science of voice and communication. Alyssa's passion is area all things voice, and she especially enjoys supporting Transgender and Gender Spectrum folks in their journey to discovering and developing Gender Affirming Voice. 


Alyssa regularly assists an ENT with stroboscopic voice evaluation and relies on her experience in this skill area to strengthen her understanding of associating sounds and what she hears with physiological function. She works in harmony with voice users and singers of all skill levels, from beginners, to students, to internationally acclaimed performers and their teams. In addition to a wide of variety of therapy techniques, Alyssa provides advanced voice services, such as Laryngeal Massage, Myofascial Release, Singing Voice Therapy and Gender Affirming & Transgender Voice Training.  As a musician, Alyssa's performances have spanned many genres, from operatic, following her undergraduate degree in classical voice, and professional music theatre lead performances, to keyboardist and back-up vocalist for an indie-rock band. She has been the recipient of prestigious awards such as the Beatrice Daviss Music Prize and Dr. Don Wright Scholarship for Music. After a sudden turn in health, Alyssa was introduced to a voice care team where she discovered her desire to bring her clients back into the spotlight. 

Alyssa is a voice health advocate and can be found presenting in voice education series and conferences. Alyssa and Daniel have been the proud Vocal Health Sponsors of the Toronto Sing! Festival since 2019, and have recently partnered with the Ontario Music Educator's Association. Alyssa is proud to share that SpeechAppeal is the Gold Winner for Best Speech Therapy Services for the Toronto Star's 2020 Reader's Choice Awards.